Let’s face it – some of those vape mods you’re carrying around are pretty big and weigh heavily in your pocket.

Add extra vape juice and your two tanks in there and the weight is going to start pulling your pants down. Now, if you don’t want that happening we recommend you invest in a vape case or a vape carry pouch! These versatile little bags come in different sizes, shapes, and forms and you can find one that is just perfect for your device and all vape accessories you usually carry around.

You can easily find vape cases that have extra little pockets where you can store all those tiny bits and pieces – very handy if you carry around spare coils, cotton, and vape juice with you. Alternatively, if you just need something that will protect your box mod from nicks and scratches, then a stylish box mod case or a sleeve will definitely do the trick. These come in a variety of materials, from wood and metal to plastic and fabric.

These vape carrying cases are extremely practical. Make sure to get one right here on Vapelux to protect your mod and easily carry all your vape essentials. You will find vape cases for a variety of devices – as always, a wide selection and best UK vape case prices are guaranteed!


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