We can confidently call the 18650 battery the ticking heart of your vape device.

Just try running your setup on any old beaten battery and you will quickly understand why. You will find the best vape batteries right here on Vapelux – at best possible prices! We stock only high-performing, safe vaping batteries from reputable manufacturers such as Sony, Samsung, and LG!

18650 batteries for vaping have become the standard in the industry. Most mod manufacturers have embraced it and are designing mods in specific size which can accommodate it. Our wide selection is a guarantee that you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for in one place, without the need to shop around and risk buying unvetted batteries that could pose a danger.

When purchasing vape batteries, you should pay attention to four things:

• Capacity
• High current rating
• Cool operating temperature
• High voltage

Your style of vaping is the thing that determines the type of vaping battery you’re going to need. If you want raw power and lots of clouds, choosing a high voltage/high current rating is the way to go. Keep in mind that in that case, you will be sacrificing capacity. This means you will have to recharge your battery more often.

In addition to 18650 vape batteries, we also stock 18350 and 26650 batteries with mAh settings and amperage limits. So if an 18650 battery won’t do it for you, there’s an option to go with something else.

Make sure that you’re familiar with battery safety because handling vape batteries without care can be dangerous. Check your device to see what type of battery you’re going to need and don’t try to save money when buying it. You need quality and safety – good batteries will last up to a year so consider it an investment! In any case, you’ll get a pretty great deal here so you’re already saving money!

When the time comes to get a rechargeable vape battery, think of Vapelux. Our great selection and best UK prices will simply sweep you off your feet and you will soon be walking around with charged spares that will be a lifesaver in certain situations. Because there really is nothing worse than clicking that fire button and realizing your battery is dead!


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