Once you’re done buying vape mods and tanks, it’s time to start thinking about different vaping accessories.

Vapelux offers hundreds of these accessories, ranging from batteries and chargers all the way to drip tips and fancy cases and mod sleeves. These vaping accessories can make all the difference in the world when it comes to tailoring your vaping experience.

First you will want to start with standard vaping accessories, such as batteries, chargers, and drip tips. These are essential – you don’t want to be left without battery juice in the middle of your vaping session! Chargers are also important, especially if you own a device with rechargeable external batteries. Drip tips, on the other hand, can make all the difference in the world when it comes to the quality of vaping, spit back, and flavour.

Once you’re done with these vaping accessories essential, you’ll want to move on to other accessories. Some will be extremely helpful if you’re rebuilding your atomizers – tools, pliers, Ohm meters, and others. Rebuilding with these tools will become much easier and safer. When the time comes to bling your vape setup, here you will find cases for mods, sleeves and other things that will make your mod the envy of your vaping crowd!

Shop for vaping accessories here on Vapelux because we offer a wide selection of merchandise from popular manufacturers and brands. You will find the best UK prices in one place – shop for everything, from batteries to mod sleeves, and have everything delivered right to your doorstep in a heartbeat!


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