Disposable e cigarettes no longer cutting it for you? You’re disappointed with the performance of your vape pen and want to try something better?

Something with more power, flavour, and a bigger vapour production? Then it’s time you gave vape mods a try!
Vape mods get their name from the words vaping and modification. Entry-level devices can’t be modified, customised, or personalised. When vapers became more demanding, they started modifying regular household items that could hold bigger batteries, creating ‘mods’ which allowed them to increase flavour and vapour production. Eventually, manufacturers caught on and started making vape devices that could be tweaked to provide a unique vaping experience.
There are a lot of types and subtypes of vape mods but we generally divide them into two categories:
Mechanical (unregulated) mods – these vape mods are very similar early vaping devices – a simple electronic circuit connects the battery to the atomizer with no additional protections. They need to be handled carefully since safety is in the hands of the users.
Regulated mods – these have a built-in chip that lets the user control the power output (which mechanical mods do not offer). They also have a wide array of integrated protections, protecting the user from shorts, over draining the battery, and excessive power draw. There are several sub-classes of regulated vape mods, such as temperature control mods, variable wattage/voltage mods, box mods, and others.
Here at Vapelux, you will find a wide selection of different kinds of vape mods, from mechanical ones to regulated box mods, and even hybrid mods. We are a premier supplier and offer devices from a large number of top-notch manufacturers. These include Limitless, Joyetech, KangerTech, iJoy, SMOK, and others. Being in the business for such a long time, we have built great working relationships with all companies and can offer you these vape mods at best prices in the UK.
Now that you are ready to take your vaping to the next level, take a look at what we have to offer – you will be pleasantly surprised with the number of choices here at Vapelux. If you have any questions or need help picking the best vape mod, one that will fit you like a glove, don’t hesitate to reach out – we’re always happy to help fellow vapers!


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