Vaping is highly addictive – but not in a conventional sense! It’s a life-saver for all the obvious reasons but you might come to a point when it starts to feel like a competitive sport.

And that’s ok! Once you outgrow your vape starter kit, you will definitely want to try some of the advanced box mods and other high-tech vaping devices out there.

These will allow you to completely tailor your vaping experience and pump up that flavour and vapour production, something you can’t really do with a beginner vape kit. When you start craving more vapour and flavour you’ll know that you’re ready to graduate to the big league and you’ll want to take a look at these advanced vape kits.

Here you will find a selection of advanced e cigarette kits that are on the market, each and every one of them aimed at providing you with the best possible vaping experience. Are you looking for a high-end box mod that can power sub-ohm setups and give you a world of vapour? We’ve got your back! You’re also on the right page if you want a mod of any size that will let you play with variable wattage settings and allow you to adjust evaporation temperature to your liking. Advanced vape kits section here at Vapelux has a little something for even the most demanding vapers.

Keep in mind that all the kits that are presented here are for advanced users. They offer more power and increased control but you also need to know how to use them properly Even though they come with built-in protections it’s still not advisable to try to use them if you’re not 100% sure what you’re doing. Beginner and intermediate users can find devices suited for them on our Vape Starter Kits page. However, if you’re an experienced and confident vaper – well, then you’re definitely where you need to be.

Advanced vape kits come with state of the art tanks and drippers that will help you on your quest of finding that vaping sweet spot. Wrapping your own coils and tailoring your vape experience is half the fun in vaping. So we invite all of you vaping aficionados and daredevils to pick one of our advanced vape kits at best prices in the UK right now – a world of vapour and flavour awaits you!


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