E-liquids can be rightfully called the life-juice of vaping.

Of course, they are also known by many other names: vape juice, e cig juice, vape liquids. It doesn’t really matter. How does the saying go? A rose called by any other name…?

The same is true of e liquids. Call them what you like, the truth is that they are the sweet nectar that keeps vaping going. E liquids are made from Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, and various aromas and additives. While vaping is all about the flavour, you will find that most e liquid manufacturers create e liquids that contain various levels of nicotine, which helps smokers become ex smokers in almost no time at all!

Both PG and VG are virtually harmless to humans and, although further studies are needed, a lot of health organizations (such as the Royal College of Surgeons and Physicians in the UK) are now recommending vaping as a smoking cessation method. VG and PG are also found in numerous products that people frequently use (even eat) so there is really no cause for alarm.

When it comes to e liquid aromas, there are thousands of options on the market. Fruity, sweet, tobacco, and menthol flavours are really popular but nothing is stopping you from vaping on your favourite dessert or candy! Finding a favourite vape juice flavour is an exciting journey for every vaper and Vapelux is here to help you out. We stock literally hundreds of different flavours from numerous vape juice manufacturers. Explore this page to find popular e liquids from Cuttwood, Cosmic Vapor, Beard Vape Co, Liquid State Vapors, Charlie’s Chalk Dust, and many others.

The e liquid manufacturing process starts with an idea. Most of these manufacturers source their ingredients from all over the world and blend them perfectly so you could have a great something great to vape on. This road can be pretty long but, luckily, there are always surprising new e liquid flavours just around the corner. Make sure to give our e liquids inventory a peek every so often because it’s frequently updated!


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