Once you start geeking out about making your own atomizer heads and wrapping your own coils, you will soon realize that all that hard work would go much faster if you had proper vaping tools.

And that is why you’re on this page right now – you’re looking for a cleaner, no-stress way to wrap that coil to perfection in under five minutes. All that you need is a vape tool kit and you’re good to go!

A lot of vapers are going the way of rebuildable atomizers because they allow them to perfectly tailor their vaping experience. Unfortunately, wrapping your coil with nothing but a drill bit and your (bloody and bruised) fingers takes time and effort. If you want to do it the right way you’re going to need pliers, tweezers, cooling stick, wire cutters, coil masters, and more. And an Ohmmeter – never forget that Ohmmeter. Of course, you can get everything you want individually or you can simply check out some the vaping tool sets we have here at Vapelux.

We stock a wide range of vaping tools at best prices in the UK. It doesn’t matter if you just need a pair of needle-nose pliers, a set of ceramic tweezers, or a full-fledged vaping tool kit, you find it all right here! Say goodbye to countless hours of making shabby coils and get ready to rebuild like a vaping pro with our coil tools!


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