Wouldn’t it be great if you could just pop a battery into your mod and have it running for weeks, or even months? It would, wouldn’t it?

But it would also be delusional! If you have a vape device that runs on rechargeable batteries, you’re going to need vape battery chargers – preferably two or more. Why? Because these things break as well and you would have it pretty tough if you had to wait for a couple of days for your new battery charger to arrive – without vaping in the meantime!

You would hate it even more if you had to buy new batteries every day just so you can have a puff or two on your vape mod! Vape battery chargers eliminate so much cost by allowing you to recharge your batteries in just a couple of hours. Here you will find 18650 battery chargers, as well as chargers for other batteries (18350 and 26650) at great prices so shopping at Vapelux is really worth your time!

We stock vape battery chargers from reputable manufacturers such as Efest and Nitecore – all of them are safe, fast, and very affordable. Whether you are looking for single battery chargers or chargers that have room to charge 6 batteries at once, it doesn’t matter because we have your back. Find exactly what you’re looking for and start your carefree battery charging immediately!


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