It’s tempting to think of drip tips as nothing more than cool little mouthpieces that attach to the end of your tank.

Essentially, they are just there so you wouldn’t burn your lips while vaping, right? Well, not really. Drip tips can have a profound impact on your whole vaping experience and they can be used to further tailor it to your own specific vaping style.

Today, 510 drip tips are an industry standard. 510 is a number that simply tells you about the base width of your drip tip (approximately 8.5 mm) and how it fits your tank. In the past, we had different sizes so you had to be careful and know whether the drip tip you purchased would fit your tank. For the last couple of years, 510 connections have become the norm and almost all vape drip tips can fit all tanks.

A good vape mouthpiece will make a world of difference to seasoned vapers. Sure, it’s a great way to personalise your device and make it stylish, but the drip tip that you use will also affect flavour and vapour production. Short, narrow tips will give you warmer vapour and more concentrated flavour; on the other hand, wide bore, long tips will result in cooler vapour, and plenty of it.

When it comes to drip tip materials, you also have a lot to choose from: glass, ceramic, PVC, plastic, wood, resin, carbon fibre – these are all options you can choose from! Pick the material that goes perfectly with your newest mod and tank or opt for comfort while vaping – acrylic vape drip tips are soft and pliable while PTFE and Delrin will never get as hot as stainless steel.

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