Guys from the Limitless Mod Company have several things going for them – great design, extraordinary performance, and a wide selection of vape devices for customers to choose from.

However, their biggest selling point is the fact that they allow users to completely customize their vaping experience. Limitless upgrades that you see here can greatly help you tailor your vaping experience, adding more versatility to your everyday setups!

There are several Limitless upgrades to choose from:

• Inception Chuff Caps – Looking for a sturdy, SS chuff cap? Try Limitless chuff caps – they come in green, red, blue but you can also buy a trout Inception cap with unique flake coloring and design.

• Limitless Mod Gold Plated Magnets – If you want to move your mod button from spring operated action to magnets, these Limitless mod gold plated magnets will easily do the trick! They hit hard and will greatly improve an already great device.

• Limitless Mod Button – This plated button will make your Limitless mod truly stand out. You can get it in silver or copper version, depending on the materials of your mod.

• Limitless Mod Silver Plated Springs – a great upgrade for every vaper who is looking for sub-ohm performance. Silver plated springs minimize voltage drop, allowing you to get the most out of your Limitless mod!

• Limitless Mod Delrin Replacement – This replacement Delrin ring will come in handy when you need to adjust for battery size and you lose the original that came with your Limitless mod (hey, it happens to the best of us)!

• Limitless Mod Housing Replacement – you’re going to need one of these, especially if you keep dropping that Limitless mod all the time.

Shop for these exciting Limitless updates right here and do the impossible – make your Limitless gear even better and your vaping sessions even more exciting! Vapelux has the best possible prices in the UK and the widest selection by far so don’t hesitate for a minute!


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