New vapers prefer the convenience of regular tanks while experienced ones enjoy improved flavour and vapour from drippers.

But what do you do when you want both convenience and superior performance? Easy, you buy one of these cool new Limitless tanks! Limitless RDTA’s combine the best of both worlds – easy-to-use tank setup and tasty clouds that never seem to end!

This Limitless tanks (or, more correctly, rebuildable dripper tank atomizers) features an array of exciting new features that will make your vaping easier and more enjoyable. They also come in a variety of color and styles, from original Limitless RDTA to Limitless RDTA Plus, and Limitless Gold RDTA.

Depending on what you go with, Limitless RDTA or Limitless RDTA Plus, you will enjoy a large vape juice well (4 ml or 6.3 ml), plenty of room to build your coils, and an innovative side fill. If you’re tired of bland flavour and no vapour at all but still want an easy setup and a convenience of a glass tank, one of these Limitless tanks should be right up your alley! Get it right here on Vapelux and choose the one that fits your vaping style and your budget!


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