So you’re looking for a Bentley of mechanical mods? Your search ends right here! Vapelux is proud to present Limitless mech mods – the ultimate in conductivity, superb design, and stellar performance.

These mods are among the cheapest mechanical mods, but don’t let that fool you – Limitless mech mods are safe and sturdy and possibly among some of the favourite mods now used by professional cloud chasers in competitions. Because of their unique design, hot button issues and voltage drops are negligible and you can pretty much run any quirky build on them. We’d dare to say – the lower the better! With a good battery, you can go as low as 0.1 ohms without any issues at all!

Vapelux stocks six types of Limitless body mods and these are:

• Copper Sleeve Body Limitless Mech Mod
• Platinum Plated Sleeve Body Limitless Mech Mod
• Matte Black Copper Sleeve Body Limitless Mech Mod
• Brass Sleeve Body Limitless Mech Mod
• Aluminium Sleeve Body Limitless Mech Mod
• Gold Plated Sleeve Body Limitless Mech Mod

Each of these brings something different in terms of usability and performance, even though general features remain the same. For example, the platinum plated Limitless body mod has increased conductivity thanks to platinum being a highly conductive material. Others are similar in that they put something else at the table, be it their light weight or superb appearance.

These Limitless body mods are among the most customizable mods on the planet – if you want a change simply buy an affordable sleeve, sheet your mod with it, and you’ll have a brand new Limitless mech mod that you can show off to your friends. There really is no need to go out and buy a completely different mod when a mech mod from Limitless allows you to personalize it anew every day with different interchangeable sleeves.

Some of the best features of all of these Limitless mech mods are:

• A connection that’s direct mod to atty for ultimate conductivity
• Venting holes for increased safety
• Ultimate customizability with different Limitless sleeves
• 4-point rail system for grounding that eliminates hot button issues
• Adjustable Delrin that allows you to fit different sizes of batteries
• Ultimate contact button for negative conductivity
• Button is contact – largest on the marketplace

Keep in mind that these devices are designed for experienced users only. We at Vapelux are happy to help if you have any questions about them- simply send us a message and we’ll do our best to answer all your questions! Limitless mech mod was NOT designed for use with a majority of sub-ohm tanks that you see on the market today. That said, be careful when using it with regular tanks as well because that might be dangerous. Post on your atomizer has to be exposed below the 510 thread – using this with an atomizer that has a floating pin can cause shorts and put you in danger!

If you’re an experienced vaper looking to up your vaping game, this Limitless mech mod might just be the right thing for you. Stylish, powerful, and with a cool design that can be changed with the addition of various sleeves, it’s definitely something you will want to have in your growing collection of mechanical mods. Buy it right here on Vapelux at best UK prices and be ready to be the belle of the ball amongst your vaper friends!


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