Limitless Mod Company doesn’t put all that many devices on the market, as you might have noticed.

That’s because they are committed to delivering quality, reliability and superior design every single time they decide to put out a new Limitless box mod.

Whenever LMC decides and announces that they are coming out with something new, there’s a bit of a stir in the vaping community. That’s because these Limitless box mods always managed to top the last rendition and come up with something new – new features, new ways of customization, new design.

Vapelux is proud to say that we have all three Limitless box mods on offer and we’re looking forward to getting whatever else this company comes up with. These three mods are:

• LMC 200W Box Mod
• Limitless Lux 215W Box Mod
• Arms Race 200W Box Mod

All of these mods went through extensive design and research phases so that the end result is exactly what the Limitless fans are expecting and need. One of their biggest selling points is the fact their looks are completely customizable. All Limitless box mods have interchangeable plates that can be purchased so you can often switch the outward appearance of your setup.

LMC box mod has magnetized interchangeable plates on both sides that can simply be removed and changed. Original plates are red with LMC logo but you can easily get neon green or red bandanna plates, Aztec plates, Chief Skull plates, or others. Lux box mod can be dressed up in different interchangeable sleeves, including aluminium brown design and leopard print interchangeable sleeves. The newest addition to the family, Arms Race box mod, has been designed to resemble an assault rifle magazine. The complete lower portion of the mod can be switched out and further personalized with desert digi camo, black skull chief, and blue digi camo Limitless interchangeable plates.

All Limitless box mods have a custom-built chip capable of extraordinary power – max wattage on each of them is never below 200W, with Limitless Lux going as high as 215W. Couple that with a lot of other features such as TC, bypass mode, and three separate fire modes, and you truly get devices that are the top of the line when it comes to box mods.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for devices that constantly deliver and are built from high-quality materials, look no further than Limitless box mods. Designed and made in the US, these box mods are a wet dream of every experienced vaper. Here on Vapelux you can get them all at great prices and delivered to your doorstep in no time at all. Only one question remains – which one of these excellent Limitless box mods are you going to choose?


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