The Limitless atty is the coolest thing you’re ever going to vape on, especially if you decide to buy the Limitless color changing atty!

This 3-piece RDA is easy to use, performs great, and will give you great clouds, as well as near-perfect flavour on every puff. It took years for Limitless to come up with this one After listening intently to vapers around the world and what they need, Limitless came up with a versatile RDA that is sure to please. Get your Limitless atty right here on Vapelux! Choose between different colors and materials and get one that perfectly fits your vape mod. Stainless steel, blue, matte black, Limitless Cobra – these are just some of the styles you can take home from our wide selection.

If you really want to impress your vaper friends, then pick one of the three Limitless color changing attys:

• Highlighter Yellow Color Changing Limitless RDA
• Red Bandana Color Changing Limitless RDA
• Zombie Green Color Changing Limitless RDA

These Limitless attys stay one color at room temperature. As you vape, they are going to heat up thanks to the heat coming from the coils. Once that happens – watch the fireworks! Heat makes them change color from deep red to vibrant red and from green to yellow. These Limitless attys are true show stoppers and if you are looking for something to dazzle your friends with you’ve found it!

Limitless Atty Best Features:

• Convenient 3-piece design
• Center post square to prevent spinning
• Brass square centerpost
• Copper pin
• Negative posts machined in
• Large holes for different kinds of builds
• Extra cotton thanks to undercut negative posts
• Deep juice well
• Innovative airflow design
• Flippable top cap for more airflow

Shop for your Limitless – color changing or not – atty right here on Vapelux and have it delivered to your door in no time! We offer a wide selection of Limitless RDA’s in different colors at best UK prices. Be aware that they are designed to be used by experienced vapers – if you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to drop us a line and we will see what we can do for you.


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