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Limitless atty

The Limitless Atomizer Cobra is the newest atomizer that the Limitless Company has introduced into the e-cigarette market. It uses a technology that will avail a transformation into the e-cigarette world in that the heat released by the coils of the atty will be harnessed to control the colour of your atty. When used at room temperature the atty normally has a black colour together with a minute bandanna print that is red. Immediately the atomizer is activated, the supply of heat will commence, and this heat will be responsible for transforming the atomizer’s colour from black to Zombie green. The design of the Limitless Atomizer Cobra has three distinct pieces having two negative posts dipped in the deck. Optimum room needed for wicking and building is provided by the presence of an undercut placed under the posts. Brass is used to make the solid post for the best conductivity. This atomizer possesses an enormous rectangular window necessary for the fast and easy assembling of the Limitless Atomizer Cobra with large wire gauges. To make ensure that the post does not spin, it is made in a square shaped design. The presence of an airflow control feature (AFC) which has three big holes is used while adjusting the flow of air preferred by an individual as well as to have their coils cooled from underneath. The capability of having the coils cooled from the top can be made possible by simply inverting the cap. This explains why there are two Limitless logos on the Limitless Atomizer Cobra with one logo standing upright and the other inverted.

The specifications and features of the Limitless Atomizer Cobra.
• This atty has a centre post manufactured using brass.
• This Limitless Atomizer Cobra has a square shaped insulator.
• It is designed into three separate parts.
• The cap of this Limitless Atomizer Cobra atty is Chuff styled.
• The pin of this Limitless Atomizer Cobra is firmly secured using the innovative O-ring.
• Copper metal has been used to make the pin utilized in the Limitless Atomizer Cobra.
• The negative posts of the Limitless Atomizer Cobra are properly machined.
• The Limitless Atomizer Cobra has a huge e-liquid tank.
• This Limitless Atomizer Cobra has big holes with the capability of accommodating all gauges.
• The availability of the undercut enables additional cotton to be used.
• This Limitless Atomizer Cobra has a cap that can be flapped for inflow.

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