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No Smoking Day: 4 Reasons Why You Should Switch to E-Cigarettes

No smoking day Check your calendars! The official No Smoking Day will soon be upon us on 11th March. No Smoking Day is an annual health awareness day that takes place in March. This event is directed to helping smokers in the UK who want to finally take the plunge and quit. The benefits of stopping are many and all add to a healthier and improved lifestyle. For those of you who wanted to quit the habit in the New Year but failed: why not try switching to e-cigarettes? Back in time, if you wanted to quit smoking you had to go ‘cold turkey’ but now there are countless methods to help you stop. There are nicotine-replacement therapies like lozenges, gum, patches and nasal sprays. There is even hypnosis. However, now, there is also another alternative; converting to e-cigarettes. Electronic... Read more
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Scotland hospital grounds banning e-cigs is ‘perverse’, according to experts

A ban on using electronic cigarettes on hospital grounds in Scotland will come into effect within weeks. The Scottish government has allowed individual health boards to decide whether they will enforce a ban or not, but a survey by BBC Scotland has found that all but one of the boards have elected to go ahead. NHS Lothian will allow patients and visitors to vape in designated areas away from entrances, much like smokers in a smoking shelter. However the move has not been welcomed by anti-smoking charity ASH Scotland, which believes electronic cigarettes can help smokers quit the more harmful habbit. Chief executive Sheila Duffy said: “There is a clear case for hospital grounds to be free from tobacco use, which is always dangerous. “However e-cigarette policies should not be so restrictive that they discourage smokers from trying an alternative... Read more
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US Study finds electronic cigarettes more popular than tobacco among teenagers

More teens are trying or using e-cigarettes than tobacco products, according to a study in the US, which has re-ignited the debate on whether electronic cigarettes have a positive or negative influence on worldwide smoking habits. On the one hand, tobacco consumption amongst the younger generations is falling thanks to alternatives like e-cigs, which contain no tobacco or any of the thousands of harmful toxins found in cigarettes, but on the other many are concerned that a fresh generation are getting drawn in to nicotine addiction, which could act as a gateway to tobacco smoking. Some experts say children trying e-cigarettes instead of traditional cigarettes is not necessarily a bad thing. “Smoking prevalence in youth is showing an unprecedented decline and it is now lower than ever before,” said Peter Hajek, director of the tobacco dependence research unit at Barts... Read more
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Review finds electronic cigarettes help smokers quit cigarettes

An international review has concluded that electronic cigarettes do help tobacco smokers quit, or significantly reduce, their cigarette use. A team of researchers from the respected Cochrane Review used two randomised trials that had analysed data from 662 current smokers. Their focus was whether the use of electronic cigarettes affected quit rates or saw users reduce their usual cigarette smoking by over 50%. They also looked into whether any negative side effects of using e-cigs had been reported. What did the Cochrane Review find?  The UK and New Zealand researchers found that the effects of smoking electronic cigarettes are beneficial to regular cigarette smokers looking to quit. They looked at data for both those who had managed to quit and those who had managed to reduce their cigarette use: > 9% of smokers who used nicotine e-cigarettes were able to... Read more
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New research finds e-cigs to be less addictive than regular cigarettes

E-cigarettes are less addictive than regular ones, according to researchers from the Penn State College of Medicine.  There has long been a negative stigma attached to e-cigs for a number of reasons, though the detrimental effects that tobacco can have on a smoker’s health is possibly the highest on the list. Electronic cigarettes provide an alternative to regular tobacco, but the safety of them has long been in dispute – simply because there hasn’t been any widespread research to determine the truth. However, that’s no longer the case, according to a recent study. Jonathan Foulds, professor of public health sciences and psychiatry, Penn State College of Medicine said: “We found that e-cigarettes appear to be less addictive than tobacco cigarettes in a large sample of long-term users,”. “…people with all the characteristics of a more dependent e-cig user still had... Read more
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Vapelux products replace tobacco brands at Davidoff London

We’re proud to announce that our e-cigs and shisha pens will be replacing a number of tobacco products in famous cigar store Davidoff London! That’s one small step for Vapelux, one giant leap for vaping kind… To provide tobacco smokers with a luxury alternative is at the heart of everything we do and we’re ecstatic to have the opportunity to provide that option to visitors of this famous store. Eddie Sahakian, Managing Director at Davidoff London said, “We have been advised and work closely with Nick Roman from Vapelux Ltd to ensure we have a complete range of high quality and genuine products suitable for the novice to intermediate user. “Our customers are impressed by the selection which includes the popular Vapelux disposables, starter kits and the premium e-liquids, together with genuine hardware and accessories from various international brands”. Clive... Read more
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E-cig TV adverts are finally given the go ahead

In a move that can only be seen as a huge victory for the e-cig industry, electronic cigarette companies have been given the green light by advertising watchdogs to promote themselves on television screens! The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) has ruled that from November 10th, e-cig companies will be able to advertise on our television screens, actually showing the electronic cigarette or shisha pen itself. The difference being that previously the product wasn’t actually allowed to be shown on telly, making it extremely difficult to effectively promote a specific brand of e-cig. As with all ads – particularly those for products that are subject to age restrictions – there will be a few rules to adhere to; ads won’t be allowed to deliberately appeal to youth culture and can’t be seen to encourage non-smokers to start vaping for example.... Read more
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Win a free Eshish TOUCH E Cigarette Bundle for Stoptober

In support of Stoptober’s 28 day cigarette-free challenge, Vapelux are giving away free Eshish TOUCH Bundles to five lucky competition winners! We can’t promise that the Eshish TOUCH will make you stop smoking for good, but one more person vaping with Eshish is one less person inhaling the tobacco, tar and toxins inside cigarettes. If we can help just five people to lay off smoking this October, then we’ll consider that a job well done. Read more
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The Great Gateway Myth – E-cigs are not a ‘gateway’

A university professor has condemned claims that e-cigs are a gateway to smoking, saying that they fly in the face of real statistics. Professor Michel Siegel, a physician at Boston University wrote in the Wall Street Journal: “The gateway hypothesis is a myth. The evidence shows that very few nonsmokers “vape.” The primary reason people use e-cigarettes is to quit or cut back on smoking conventional cigarettes. Moreover, of the few nonsmoking youths who do experiment with e-cigarettes, there is currently no evidence that they subsequently progress to cigarette smoking” The first ever study to examine the e-cig gateway myth was conducted by Dr.Ted Wagener of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre. In the study, the professor found that out of the 1,300 smoking students he surveyed, just one said that they had developed a cigarette smoking habit after... Read more
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Professor issues strong warning in favour of e-cigs

A university professor has made a warning about the potentially disastrous effects of restricting vaping products in stores and online. Professor Peter Hajek, of Queen Mary University warned:  “Regulators need to be mindful of crippling the e-cigarette market and by doing so failing to give smokers access to these safer products that could save their lives.” “If harsh regulations are put in place now, we will damage public health on a big scale.”  The professor’s words of caution follow the recent worldwide debate surrounding new legislation that could see e-cigs been restricted in the same way as tobacco products. Despite Professor Hajek’s report into the effects of e cigarettes – showing that vaping products are significantly less harmful than tobacco alternatives – legislation is now being considered to limit e-cigs worldwide. Over two million people are regularly using eCigarettes in... Read more
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E-cigs could be contributing to dramatic fall in Japanese smokers

The rate of smoking in Japan has plummeted to record lows previously unseen since statistics started being recorded in 1965. The data comes from a new study by Japan Tobacco, which shows that tobacco smokers now make up less than 20% of the population. This figure is down from 40.4% of the population in 1966. The country is now on a par with the United States, who according to the Centre for Disease Control, are down to 18.1%. A significant contributing factor to the fall in smoking numbers may be down to the increasing numbers of people using electronic cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco products. Other reasons suggested by Japan Tobacco are increased public awareness of health issues, smoking restrictions and an increase in cigarette taxes, which flew up from 5% to 8% last April. Read more
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