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vaping sins

Vaping Sins of Beginner Vapers – and How to Stop Transgressing!

My friend Tim recently took up vaping. Of course, he immediately started pissing me off. He was like a kid in a candy shop – always puffing away, blowing clouds in every which direction, pestering people about the use of e cigarettes. In short, he was committing every major vaping sin in the book.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m excited when my friends start vaping. I go out of my way to help them out, recommending which e cigarettes to use and answering their questions about PG and VG ratios. I just wish sometimes that they take the time to learn proper vaping etiquette.

The vaping community is already getting a lot of unwanted (and unnecessary) heat in the public. While I mostly blame people dishing it out because they are getting the info from tobacco-sponsored news outlets and Facebook feeds, I must admit that some vapers are also partly to blame.

Anyway, I sat Tim down and lectured him a bit about vaping sins and how they contribute to the ongoing demonization of vaping. And, since there are a lot of people embracing the habit lately, I put together this short guide on types of behaviour everyone needs to avoid. Why?

Because you just don’t want to be that guy!

1. Being a General, ‘Blow-in-Your-Face’ Wanker

I suppose I could put this more delicately, but I simply can’t stand it when someone’s blowing smoke in another person’s face. The same is true for vapour. Ok, you’ve switched to vaping and you no longer reek of cigarettes. That’s great and most (sane) people will approve. However, you don’t have to drive the point home every time by exhaling into someone’s face.

– That vapour has been in your lungs.
– The jury is still out on e cig safety (at least, conclusively).
– It’s creepy to blow on someone – seriously creepy!

Blowing clouds in someone’s face and violating their personal space is not cool. Smokers get told off for that so there’s no excuse for vapers. Enjoy your life-saving habit without putting anyone else into an uncomfortable position.

2. Vaping Absolutely Everywhere

I have a rule of thumb that I use when I’m in doubt – if I wouldn’t smoke there, I won’t vape there. Admittedly, I’m talking about public spaces and institutions – if I’m at a friend’s house I’ll ask and usually get the permission after I do some light explaining.

Places where you really shouldn’t vape include:

– Schools
– Medical institutions
– Courts
– Waiting in line at Dept. of Vehicle Registration
– Anywhere where children are playing
– Your grandma’s house (the explaining!)
– Churches
– Airplanes

This list is not comprehensive but you get the general idea. If in doubt, always err on the side of caution and you will be fine.

3. Turning into an E-cig Evangelist

How long did it take you to switch to vaping? Would it go any faster if someone was constantly telling you how great e cigs are, talking about fine points of RBA’s and juice viscosity?

Probably not.

I understand that you feel liberated by vaping but that doesn’t mean that you can’t talk about other stuff. If someone expresses interest in vaping, by all means, tell them about it. Tell them what effect it had on you and even give them a try (if you’re a sharing type of person). Just don’t bore them with details that might put them off!

Oh, and definitely give them this post to read so they can avoid all the mistakes you were making when you were starting out.

4. Talking Down to Smokers

That was you a month ago!

Seriously, if you can’t let go of the fact that not everyone is into vaping and that not everyone will make the switch, you’re going to be spending a lot of time alone. Your smoker friends won’t like being criticised and lectured about every fag they light up. If you keep talking about their failing arteries and their heart attack risk, you certainly won’t be the life of the party. In fact, you won’t be at the parties because you won’t get invited!

No one needs your help unless they explicitly ask for it. When that happens, do your best to point people in the right direction and help them when they are getting started. Otherwise, don’t meddle!

Oh, and one last thing. If you’ve been vaping for a month and now suddenly cigarette smoke ‘bothers’ you, push through it and don’t mention it. Seriously, you will get punched in the face by someone.

5. Insisting That Vapour is ‘Odorless’

…when it actually isn’t. It might seem odorless to you once you get used to it (and if you’re vaping on a bland e liquid). However, other people have noses too and they will usually pick up the flavour you’re vaping. If you’re vaping strong flavours they will be even more noticeable. If someone is bothered by the smell, be cool and stop vaping. It’s common courtesy.

6. The Wrong Type of ‘Stealth’ Vaping

Ok, stealth vaping is a real thing. It’s when your device creates the lowest amount of vapour possible and you are vaping in such a way that attracts the least amount of attention. Some vapers prefer it to huge clouds (myself included) and that’s great.

However, stealth vaping is not when you hide your head in your hoodie, turn around, and take a puff without anyone (seemingly) noticing. Now you’re just a person with smoke coming out of their clothes and someone will turn the fire extinguisher on you. Also, stealth vaping is not when you sneak off to the bathroom 20 times in one evening to vape. You’re not a cocaine addict! Or are you?!? See, no one knows at this point!

Own your vaping and don’t be ashamed of it. Ask permission to vape – if you get it, great. If not, don’t go sneaking off somewhere to steal a puff – you’re sending a message that you’re doing something bad when, in fact, you’re probably not.

The Verdict On Vaping Sins


There’s no question that vaping is a lot safer than smoking – we just need to wait a bit until it’s confirmed without a doubt. Until such time, use common sense and try not to commit these awful vaping sins. People around you will be grateful and you’ll get invited to parties – well, as long as you promise to go easy on e cig sermons and the whole cloud-chasing ‘look at me, I’m on fire’ look!