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Cali Colada Eliquid by Liquid State Vapors

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If you are looking for a taste of America in your vaping experience, Cali Colada Eliquid by Liquid State Vapors is the way to go. Liquid Sate Vapors is a vaping company that is proud of its heritage, basing its blends on flavours and ingredients associated with various US states. As the name suggests, the Cali Colada eliquid is inspired by the laid-back vibes of sunny California. Take a puff on this distinctive juice and you will find a creamy, tropical piña colada base with additional notes of mango, pineapple and guava. Cali Colada is perfect for enjoying in the summer sunshine, but it is also great for banishing the winter blues on a cold day.Of course, if you wanted to try Liquid State Vapors e-liquids in the environment that inspired them, it would help to know which states and cities in the US are vaping-friendly and which have a reputation for being less welcoming.One state that is not embracing vaping is Hawaii. Public vaping is banned, both indoors and outdoors, with outdoor vaping confusingly considered more offensive.

In addition to a reprimand, you could face a hefty fine if caught, so resist the urge to take a puff while you are soaking up rays on the beach.A review published in 2015 by health agency Public Health England found that e-cigarettes release negligible amounts of nicotine into the environment and identified no health risks to bystanders. In other words, breathing in e-liquid vapour cannot be compared to the dangers of passive smoking, and the vapour released is far more fragrant and less unpleasant than cigarette smoke or any other tobacco smoke, which makes Hawaii’s stance difficult to understand.Seattle is far more accepting of vaping, as you might expect from a city that has always been forward-thinking, whether spawning grunge or being one of the ten greenest cities in the US. Seattle has loads of vape-friendly restaurants, bars and coffee houses, and outdoor vaping is also encouraged. Even the nearest airport, Seattle-Tacoma International, is relatively vape-friendly.Seattle also has a reputation for dull and wet weather, so if you want to try Cali Colada Eliquid by Liquid State Vapors in the sunshine, head for Tampa, Florida. The city does not have a ban on public vaping, and also plays host to the Vaping Convention Circuit (VCC). The two-day-long Tampa Bay vaping exhibition draws in hundreds of thousands of visitors keen to sample the wares, stalls and demonstrations offered by the world’s top e-cigarette and e-juice manufacturers.

Denver, Colorado also deserves a mention – it is the US hub for legalised medical marijuana, so vaping in public barely draws a glance. It also has around 150 vaping shops showcasing the latest in e-juice flavours and related vaping technology, so if you want to vape in the States without any bother and with everything you could need available, Denver is the place to go.And if Cali Cola Eliquid floats your boat, there are three other flavours available from Liquid State Flavours – Apple Butter Eliquid, Cowboy Cobbler Eliquid and Sweet Leaf Eliquid.