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Cosmic Charlie’s Chalk Dust Dream Cream

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Hailing from sunny Orange County in California, Charlie’s Chalk Dust produces a range of fine, smooth and inventively flavoured eliquids that are now available in the UK for your delectation.

We recommend giving Cosmic Charlie’s Chalk Dust Dream Cream a try if you like a combination of sweet and spicy. The base flavour is a rich vanilla cream, but there are also hints of sweet fudge and a spicier note of cinnamon.

The base is made from 30% Propylene Glycol (PG) and 70% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), giving it a distinctively smooth feel as you inhale, while the flavour mix is expertly and delicately done.

Cosmic Charlie’s Chalk Dust Dream Cream is available in a number of different strengths, from 0mg through 3mg, 6mg and 12mg. If this is your first time trying this smooth, delicious eliquid, you might be wondering which one is the right one for you.

A nicotine level of 0mg, of course, means that the strength is nicotine-free, so that’s the easy one. If you vape purely for the flavour and the fun of vaping, then a nicotine-free mix is the perfect one for you. If you’re looking for a nicotine hit, however, or are using ecigarettes as a replacement for traditional cigarettes and other tobacco products containing nicotine, you’ll want to think more carefully about the strength you choose.

Firstly, it is important to understand what those strengths actually mean. Some eliquid companies prefer to express their nicotine strength as a percentage of the solution. When it’s expressed in mg, as with Cosmic Charlie’s Chalk Dust Dream Cream, it refers to the amount of nicotine in milligrams that is contained within each millilitre of E-Liquid. It would be properly expressed using mg/ml but is generally just shortened to mg.

So, an eliquid strength of 3mg would contain 3mg of nicotine in 1ml of the liquid, while an eliquid with a strength of 12mg would contain 12mg of nicotine in each ml of solution. If you wanted to compare this to another brand that uses the percentage system, 3mg is equivalent to 0.3%, 6mg is 0.6% and 1.2mg is 1.2%.

Are you still with us so far?

When it comes to working out exactly how strong your eliquid should be, there is no easy answer. Traditional cigarettes and other tobacco products do not have standard levels of nicotine, so the amount you would need from your ecigarette to get the same level of nicotine from smoking would depend not only on how many cigarettes you smoked daily but also on the cigarette brand and strength.

In general terms, however, 3mg may be suitable as the last step for users wishing to “step down” in an effort to quit nicotine altogether. 6mg is relatively light and, in terms of switching from smoking to vaping, is suitable for light or infrequent smokers. 12mg is a medium strength eliquid that is more suitable for those looking for a moderate to heavy dose of nicotine.