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Why E-Cigarettes Are The Best Gift For Mother’s Day

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The days are counting down towards Mother’s Day. Some of you will be feeling quite smug because you have been so organised this year. You’ve probably got your card written and the gift is already prepped and wrapped. Whilst the rest of you are sitting there, thinking, “It’s too soon, I’m not ready.” I’m sorry to break it to you but Mother’s Day is fast approaching.

The task of finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift can be difficult. We love our Mums but they aren’t always the easiest to buy for. You can go for the traditional bouquet of flowers. A meal at the local restaurant is a nice treat but it’s doubtful you’ll be able to book a table now. Time is running out and your options are limited. You need something soon if you want to avoid seeing your Mum disappointed.

Your Mum deserves luxury. Treat your Mum to luxurious Vapelux this Mother’s Day. With 40% off all online products, you have a great selection to choose from.

Here are the reasons why Vapelux e-cigarettes are the best gift for Mother’s Day.

Smoking Alternative

Tobacco cigarettes leave bad smells and stain the teeth and fingers. The smell sticks to the living environment and clings to curtains and carpets. This makes it difficult to clean and refresh the home. E-cigarettes do not release smelly smoke as the vape they release is almost odourless.

E-cigarettes have been considered as smoking alternatives for people who want to stop smoking. The e-cig can be an important aid if you want to limit your daily intake or if you want to finally quit. The nicotine in e-pens can be managed to release different amounts of nicotine.

Cheaper Treat

When you buy your first e-cig kit, it may seem like a greater expense compared to buying a normal pack of cigarettes. But after buying the kit, the e-liquids are cheaper to replace than a pack from the shop. Vapelux’s premium e-liquids are less than £5 each.

E-Liquid Sweet Flavours

Compared to typical cigarettes, which have the same tobacco flavour, Vapelux has a selection of different fruity and sweet liquids. Vapelux’s Eshish e-liquid comes in different flavours like Apple and Blackcurrant, Blueberry, Mango and Lime, Chocolate and Mint, as well as many more. Vapelux e-cigarettes provide many different options so your vape experience is never the same.

Luxury Item

Vapelux’s Luli is a stylish and non-nicotine range which has been sported by celebrities and artists in the fashion industry. Luli is a luxury product and each pen has been individually styled and decorated with elegant colours. Instead of nicotine, Luli pens release different sweet vape, such as, Bubblegum, Cappuccino and French Vanilla. Your mum can taste these sweet flavours without the added calories.

With 40% off all Vapelux products, you have no excuse. Explore Vapelux’s extensive range of E-Cig Kits, E Liquids, Disposable E-Cigs and Accessories. Find your Mum the perfect gift this year, she deserves luxury, treat her to it.